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The Trudeau Family

Several workers from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin called to ask for our help in rescuing a family of Canada geese that had nested on the roof of a skywalk at the hospital.

Rooftop nesting geese are not all that uncommon, but in this case, a ledge prevented the goslings from jumping off of the roof to the grass below to follow their parents to a nearby pond.


With the help of an employee at the hospital, a WHS Wildlife staff rescuer went out a window and onto the roof.

Of course, the adult geese, “Mr. and Mrs. Trudeau,” were quite displeased as we captured their goslings and they honked excitedly, nipped and whapped our staffer with their wings!

A Family Reunited

But our rescuer ran downstairs with the goslings quickly and held them out so the parents could see them.

The Trudeaus quickly flew over to their goslings, still honking excitedly, threatening our rescuer with another wing beating. Soon after, the Trudeau Family began their quarter-mile journey across the hospital campus to the pond at the south end of the property. There were several busy streets, driveways and sidewalks, so we shepherded them through this gauntlet to the safety of the pond.