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You may have already heard her story. Christina was out one night foraging for food when she suddenly found herself caught in a live-trap.

The man who trapped Christina then shot Christina several times in the head with a pellet gun! Assuming she was dead, he wrapped her in a plastic bag and dumped her into a trash can.

Saving Christina and Her Babies

A local citizen who witnessed this atrocity went to the trash can and discovered that Christina was still alive!

Even more shocking, so were several babies in her pouch. He rescued her and contacted the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help.

When Christina arrived at the Center, she was in a state of shock. Due to her critical condition, her babies were carefully removed to be raised in our Nursery. After a comprehensive examination and diagnostic X-rays, one of our veterinarians determined that none of the gunshots fractured her skull. Her wounds were cleaned and dressed and she was given medication for pain and to prevent infection.

Sponsor Christina!

Early in her stay with us, Christina underwent an operation to remove some of the shrapnel surrounding her face and forelegs.

The Wisconsin Humane Society is still accepting donations to help fund Christina’s surgery.

Christina recovered and has been released back into the wild!