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Foster Program FAQ

Thank you for your interest in joining the Wisconsin Humane Society's Foster Program!

Can I choose which animal I foster?


Once approved, you will receive access to the list of pets needing foster care. You can review their reason for foster, special needs, known history, expected length of stay, and sign up for one that is a good fit for you and your family.

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What if I need to return my foster animal unexpectedly?

You can always return the animal to the shelter for any reason. Advance notice is preferred to ensure we can accommodate all incoming animals and have kennel space prepared. We may even be able to find a relief foster willing to take the animal so they can avoid coming back to the shelter. 

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Where should I keep my foster animal?

Ideally, a spare bedroom, bathroom, or separate room where they can be kept separate from all resident animals. Even seemingly healthy animals could be incubating illnesses and WHS cannot provide treatment for your resident animal(s) should they contract an illness. 

A spare bedroom, bathroom, or even a walk-in closet would be a great place for a litter of kittens! 

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How can I get more information on animal behavior?

You'll receive access to a library of behavior handouts and videos. 

For customized support, our behavior team can be reached here

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Can I help foster pets in other ways?


Our foster program is supported by a wonderful crew of volunteer foster assistants who aid the various aspects of fostering both on-site and remotely.

To learn more, contact Peggy at

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Can I connect with other foster families?


We have a robust community of foster families who are posting daily in our WHS Foster Facebook Group. Once your foster application is accepted, we'll provide the link to join. There, you can share stories, tips, cute photos, and more! 

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Can I take my foster pet places?

It's best to have your eager friends and family visit the pet in your own home - or even arrange a virtual visit. Changing environments can be quite stressful for animals, so they should remain in your home until cleared for adoption. 

Virtual visits via Zoom, Facebook Messager, FaceTime, etc. are great ways for people to meet your foster pet, especially if they are shy, before making the drive to you. 

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Can I adopt my foster pet?

Of course!

If you would like to make your foster pet an official member of your family, as long as there are no prior holds you get first dibs on adoption! Alert the foster team as soon as possible and they'll assist with next steps. 

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Can someone I know adopt my foster pet?


Foster-Facilitated Adoptions are a wonderful way to match animals with new loving families. Once approved and as long as there are no prior holds, we're happy to provide you with the tools needed to be a matchmaker from home!

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Isn't it hard to say goodbye to foster animals?

To be honest, sometimes!

Part of the joy of fostering is knowing that that specific animal directly benefitted from your efforts and will ultimately land themselves a wonderful new family. And, if you get lonesome, there will always be another animal that needs your help!

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Exciting Pet Walk news!

Now through May 31, all donations made to each Pet Walk event will be MATCHED thanks to some incredible friends of WHS!

How to take advantage of this opportunity to help twice as many animals:
- Make a donation to Pet Walk online
- Donate to a friend who is participating in Pet Walk
- Register for your local Pet Walk and start collecting donations to win prizes

Find a Pet Walk near you this summer:
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