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Teacher Resources

Building a more humane community begins with our youngest citizens. Teachers play a valuable role in helping to instill kindness and compassion in our next generation. Check out some of the services we offer to educators for students of all ages!

Many of our programs require a consent and release form. You will be instructed to fill it out as you register for each program, but may also access the release form by clicking here. 

Academic Animals

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Field Trips and Off-Site Youth Programs

Come visit and learn! We offer several age-appropriate programs for classroom groups of all ages. Programs align with Wisconsin State Academic Standards and are sure to leave everyone smiling!

People, Animals, Learning (PAL) Program

This nationally recognized violence prevention program pairs underserved youth with shelter dogs each summer.  Learn how you can nominate a student for the PAL Program.

Bird-Safe Classrooms

Help protect wild birds by teaching students about migration through interactive games and project ideas for your classroom.