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Virtual Rehoming

Need to find a new home for your pet?

Below, you'll find an online platform that serves as a great resource for meeting potential adopters quickly and safely online. It is completely free!

When it comes to finding a new home for your animal, their best resource is often you! Since you know all their preferences, habits, and routines, your insight can be incredibly helpful in finding them a great match. As an added bonus, your animal gets to stay in a familiar environment (your home) while you search for an adopter, rather than coming to a shelter. 

Home To Home (all species)

  • Home To Home is a direct-to-adopter tool for pet guardians looking to rehome their animal. All species are welcome on the site, as long as they are legal to have as pets in Wisconsin.
  • Home To Home does not allow any exchange of adoption fees.
  • All listings are reviewed and approved by a Wisconsin Humane Society staff member to dissuade any misuse of the site. Once your listing is live, you will work one-on-one with potential adopters to determine who is the best match for your animal and complete the adoption yourself. 
  • WHS is not responsible for the medical or behavioral condition of the animals listed, nor the outcomes of your conversations with potential adopters.
  • If you are interested in listing your animal on the Home To Home website, please click here to complete your submission.
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Looking to adopt a new companion?

If you haven't found your match in a Wisconsin Humane Society shelter yet, we recommend visiting the Home To Home website to view local animals in need of new homes.

The pets on Home To Home are not animals in the care of the Wisconsin Humane Society, and WHS is not involved in the adoption process. Instead, this is a courtesy listing of animals out in the community who are remaining in their current homes until their guardians can find them new families. If you have questions or are interested in adopting any of the animals featured on the site, please click on their photo and send an inquiry to the current owner directly through their profile.
The Wisconsin Humane Society is not responsible for any health or behavioral concerns these animals may have.

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