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Wish List

Yes! We can take in-kind donations at our Milwaukee and Green Bay Campuses, but please leave them at the door due to our COVID-19 response precautions. Our highest needs right now are canned cat food, dry cat food (Friskies), cat toys, dog toys, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and gently used crates. A donation slip will be provided near the entrance, but feel free to email if slips are unavailable when you stop by. We currently cannot accept in-kind donations at our Racine, Ozaukee, or Door County Campuses. Your support is greatly appreciated during this challenging time. 


Thank you for your interest in donating supplies to the Wisconsin Humane Society! As a non-profit organization we rely on community support and we are tremendously grateful for in-kind donations. Whether new or gently used, every item donated below allows us to better focus our limited funds on supporting the animals in our care.

Donate supplies from our store

There are many items on our wish list that we also sell in our Animal Antics retail store at each campus! There are many perks to purchasing an item from WHS to donate back to the animals:

  • It's cheaper! We discount the price of these items to make donating as easy and affordable as possible.
  • It's faster! Once we receive your order, we pull that item off our shelves and put it to use right away.
  • It's simple! Just shop online; no need to even leave your home. 
  • It increases your gift! The small profit we make off sales in our store means your donation goes even further for the animals in our care.

*To donate an item to WHS from our online store, please click here*

During checkout, please ignore any "in-store pickup" language; if you purchase any of the products listed in the link above, we know you are donating to the shelter and won't be picking the item up. Once you've paid, you're all set and we'll take care of the rest!

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Donate a Kuranda bed

If you've ever been to WHS, you've probably noticed that all of our dogs sleep on a special type of bed, and many of the cats have similarly styled climbers in their suites. They're called Kuranda beds and they're designed for cleanliness, comfort, and durability, making them the perfect sleeping scenario for shelter animals. Our current beds have withstood an impressive amount of wear and tear, but many are on their last leg and are in need of replacement. Not to mention, we need to stock up so we can fill our new Racine Campus with tons of comfy Kuranda beds soon!

Luckily, Kuranda ShelterBeds offers a program that allows people to donate beds to a shelter for a discounted price and they ship straight to WHS! If you'd like to donate a dog bed, cat bed, or cat climber, please visit: Thank you so much for your consideration!


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Amazon Wish Lists

Want to donate items to WHS without running to the store? Shop one of our ever-changing wish lists on Amazon and have the item shipped straight to us!

Simply choose an area of our work that you would like to support:

Note: If you're ordering through Amazon, please be sure to put your name, address, and/or email address in the "message" line of your order so we are able to send you a donation receipt and thank you note!

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Top Needs

While there are many, many items that we can put to great use, below are the items we're currently most in need of at this time. You can shop online through the hyperlinks and have them shipped straight to us (click here for our mailing addresses) or drop off donations at our Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Green Bay, or Door County Campuses. Thank you so much for thinking of the animals at WHS!

  • Dog food - Sold in WHS store - No Shipping Fee!
  • Cat food - Sold in WHS store - No Shipping Fee!
  • Hot Dogs
  • Ziploc bags - 1 Gallon and Jumbo sizes
  • Facial tissue
  • Baby wipes - Sold in WHS store - No Shipping Fee!
  • Soft dog treats - Sold in WHS store - No Shipping Fee!

Note: If you're ordering through Amazon, please be sure to put your name, address, and/or email address in the "message" line of your order so we are able to send you a donation receipt and thank you note!

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Shelter Animal Supply Wish List

We're currently in need of the following items to help care for our dogs, cats, and other domestic animals:

  • Aquariums, smaller sizes with lids
  • Aquarium lids, 10 gallon  
  • Aspen bedding 
  • Baby wipes - unscented  
  • Bitter Apple Spray
  • Cat food (canned or dry - must be unopened)  
  • Cat toys 
  • Cat traps - Havahart 1085, 1089 or 1079  
  • Cat treats
  • Collars
  • Crafting sticks - tongue depressor size 
  • Digital medical thermometers 
  • Dog food (canned or dry - must be unopened)  
  • Dog harnesses (small, medium, and large)
  • Dog toys (rope toys, stuffingless squeaky toys, or large nylabones)
  • Dog treats - Zukes, Lean Pupperoni, or Bill Jac's  
  • Grooming clippers (Oster Golden A5 Two Speed Clipper & Oster Power Pro Ultra Clipper w/ Battery) 
  • Hand sanitizer  
  • Hide-aways for small animals 
  • Hot dogs (pre-cooked packages)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
  • Kongs and other enrichment toys 
  • Labeling tape for use with Brother TZ labeling machine
  • Leashes (Weiss Walkies) 
  • Lint rollers 
  • Low sodium chicken broth  
  • Medication - we are able to accept some pharmaceutical donations, please call 414-264-6257 for more information.
  • Puppy house training pads
  • Rabbit food (pellet-based only)
  • Sharps plastic containers for syringe/needle disposal, must be new or unused
  • Stainless dog and cat food bowls (no plastic, please)  
  • Towels (bath size) 
  • Trash bags (13 gallon)
  • Treat pouches (buy online!) 
  • Unscented non-clumping cat litter 
  • Water bottles for small animals 
  • Wheels for small animals

The following items will help us care for the exotic species we have available for adoption:

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Wild Animal Supply Wish List

We're currently in need of the following items to help care for the wild animals in our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the WHS Milwaukee Campus: 

  • 100mg Thiamine or Vitamin B-1 tablets (used to supplement fish-eating bird diets) 
  • Timothy hay
  • Baby food - fruit, veggie, or meat varieties  
  • Berries, fresh or frozen 
  • Bird Seed - mixed seed, finch seed, thistle seed, safflower seed and sunflower seed  
  • Canned cat food (especially fish or seafood varieties) 
  • Dog or cat food: dry, non-expired, opened or unopened
  • Feather dusters  
  • Fish (fresh or frozen), any kind
  • Gift Cards: Pick N' Save, Outpost Natural Foods, or Walgreens    
  • Lactated Ringer's Solution, recently expired is okay 
  • Mazuri Nesting Handfeeding Diet  
  • Mealworms, waxworms and crickets 
  • Millet sprays 
  • Pedialyte - unflavored 
  • Puppy food: dry, 26% protein or higher   
  • Sherwood Forest brand Lactating and Growing Baby Rabbit Food
  • Small animal handling nets: please contact for specifications  
  • Squirrel mix 
  • Peanuts or mixed nuts, unsalted - whole or shelled  
  • Vegetables, fresh or frozen 
  • Zip ties
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General Supply Wish List

We're currently in need of the following items shelter-wide or in our administrative offices:

  • 4.5" depth large commercial coffee filters 
  • 20" flat panel LCD TV   
  • Aprons - two pocket (buy online!)  
  • Baby Gates (buy online!) 
  • Baby Wipes 
  • Band-aids  
  • Bankers storage boxes  
  • Batteries - AA
  • Binder clips, all sizes
  • Bleach 
  • Canned air duster  
  • Cardstock/thick paper  
  • Camera - DSLR 
  • Clip boards  
  • Color copy paper especially orange, yellow, purple, pink, green and golden rod  
  • Clorox Cleanup, or similar cleaning product 
  • Copy machine  
  • Digital baby scales 
  • Dishwashing liquid, especially blue Dawn
  • Disinfectant Wipes  
  • Display easels  
  • Dowels, 1/4" 
  • Drawer organizers 
  • Dry erase markers  
  • Electric pencil sharpener  
  • Electrical tape, colored 
  • Envelopes, invitation - 4 3/8" X 5 3/4"  
  • Filing cabinet, two-drawer, neutral color  
  • Fleece fabric (unused) 
  • Folders, 2-pocket  
  • Garbage bags  
  • Hand sanitizer, pump bottles 
  • Laminating sheets (any type except self-laminating)  
  • Laminator 
  • Laser Jet Mailing Labels (Avery #6150) 
  • Laser Jet Mailing Labels (Avery #5395)  
  • Manila folders 
  • Mailing envelopes - 9X12, 10X13  
  • Mini DV digital video cassettes 
  • Notebooks - 70 page, wide-ruled  
  • Packing tape 
  • Paper towels 
  • Paper plates (9" or 6") 
  • Paper, certificate or parchment 
  • Pens 
  • Pipe cleaners  
  • Post-it note pads 
  • Price tags (retail)  
  • Rolling office chairs  
  • Rubber bands  
  • Sharpies
  • Sheet Protectors 
  • Staplers  
  • Snowblower (new or gently used (two years or less of use) 30-in cut, 9-10 HP)
  • Stamps 
  • Stickers - animal-themed  
  • Storage containers (buy online!)  
  • Swiffer Dusters & refills 
  • Tape, invisible or clear 
  • Timothy hay
  • Tissue  
  • Toilet paper 
  • Video camera - digital (high quality and Flip) 
  • White copy paper 
  • White Out or other correction fluid 
  • Wrist Coils (elastic bands for keys)
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Volunteers Needed

We are currently in high need of foster parents to care for either dogs or cats ranging in age and condition.  All you need is a little extra room in your home and heart!

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WHS and the COVID-19 Impact

Learn about the COVID-19 response at WHS and how you can help!