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Wish List

Thank you for your interest in donating supplies to the Wisconsin Humane Society! As a non-profit organization, we rely on community support and we are tremendously grateful for in-kind donations. 

During the COVID-19 response, requested donation items can be left outside our shelter doors. If you need a donation receipt, please email ccarini@wihumane.orgYour support is greatly appreciated during this challenging time. 

While we are deeply grateful for the generosity, we have limited staff resources and request donations of only the following items at this time:

Animal care items (click for Amazon Wish List Top Needs)

  • Dry cat food (unopened bags)
  • Canned cat food
  • Soft dog treats
  • Dog toys
  • Peanut butter
  • Dry dog food (unopened bags)
  • Canned dog food
  • Baby food (pureed chicken, turkey, or beef flavor)
  • Folding wire dog crates
  • Potty training pads
  • Snuggle Safe microwavable heating pad
  • Miracle Nipples & syringes
  • Sunbeam heating pads (12x15in)
  • Electronic kitchen scale
  • Kitten Milk Replacer
  • Pet-AG Nursing Kit 2oz Bottle
  • Leashes (non-retractable)

Cleaning/office supplies (click for Amazon Wish List)

  • Liquid hand soap
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Empty spray bottles (24oz)
  • Disposable dry washcloths
  • Ziploc bags (gallon size)
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Office supplies (Post-its, pens, binder clips, paper clips)

Wildlife supplies (click for Amazon Wish List)

  • Pedialyte (unflavored)
  • Wagner's 13008 Deluxe Wild Bird Food
  • Wagner's 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food
  • Miracle Nipples & syringes
  • Kaytee Wild Finch Wild Bird Food
  • Audobon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird & Critter Food
  • Kaytee Wild Bird Food
  • Black oil sunflower seed
  • Kaytee Wild Finch Blend
  • Sherwood Pet Health Baby Rabbit Food
  • Rescue One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner & Deoderizer Wipes
  • Bungee cords
  • Zoo Med Repticare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters (60 watts)
  • Latex-free disposable gloves (size Medium & XL)
  • Newspapers
  • Paper towels
  • Fruit baby food

Volunteers Needed

We are currently in high need of foster parents to care for either dogs or cats ranging in age and condition.  All you need is a little extra room in your home and heart!

Please Help! Close

Donations matched!

Every dollar is being doubled right now!  Donations to WHS are being MATCHED by some incredibly generous donors this month! You can help twice as many animals with your gift today.