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Do you want to help animals? They certainly need your assistance.

Dogs and cats can't speak for themselves when they are being treated badly. Neither can other animals. They can't run for political office. They can't hire lawyers to defend them or lobbyists to press their case with lawmakers.

Animals have no hope for humane care and treatment without us. Major decisions affecting the lives of all animals are made every day by public employees and elected officials. Companion animals, farm animals, wildlife, animals in laboratories and animals used in entertainment are all at risk. People who care about animals need to speak up and share their opinions with policy makers.

The Wisconsin Humane Society is actively pursuing more humane public policies to protect animals and treat them with respect and kindness. We lobby legislators in the State Capitol, we work with Milwaukee County and City officials and we offer easy ways for our supporters to communicate their feelings to legislators. There is strength in numbers, so please take action today!


Wisconsin Animal Welfare Laws View

Legislative Alerts

Every year, thousands of animals are abused, abandoned and neglected in southeastern Wisconsin. You can make a difference in the lives of these animals! View

Breeder Information

Breeder Information View

What You Can Do

Animals can’t speak for themselves, so they need you to be their voice. The choices you make as an individual can make an impact on the lives of animals. Even small actions can make a big difference for animals! View

Report Abuse

If you suspect animal abuse and it is an emergency, contact your local police department. View

Preventing Animal Abuse

Preventing Animal Abuse View

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Did you know?

For just $5 a month, you can become a monthly donor and maximize your impact for animals by eliminating overhead costs. Plus, you get a free tote bag for signing up in October!