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While wandering away from his pond one day to look for a muskrat sweetheart, Mordecai stumbled into a window-well!

Muskrats are adept swimmers and use their broad tails to glide through the water. They are not, however, built for jumping out of holes. Mordecai was stuck!

Rescuing and Caring for Mordecai

When a Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Volunteer Rescuer arrived on the scene, somebody told her that Mordecai had been stuck for almost a week!

Apparently, nobody had known whom to call for help. With the assistance of some of the neighbors, our Wildlife volunteer was able to rescue Mordecai from the window-well and bring him to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help.

Despite being thin and dehydrated, the little Muskrat was lively! He enjoyed swimming in his water tub and eating a delicious diet of apples, mixed greens and fish. After two weeks of recovery, Mordecai was released back into the wild! He is now swimming and enjoying the sun in his new habitat.

Sponsor a Wildlife Animal!

Please consider sponsoring other wild animals in our facility by visiting our rehabilitation page.

Another way you can help animals like Mordecai is by installing window-well covers at your home to prevent animals from becoming trapped. You can either buy commercial covers at a hardware store or make your own out of steel mesh.