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Polly, the American Kestrel, had no sooner taken off from her nest for the first time than she got in trouble.

She tried to land on the top of a chain-link fence and her foot got caught in the mesh! Someone saw Polly’s difficulty and called the WHS Wildlife Center for help. One of our wildlife rescue volunteers rescued Polly and brought her in for care. Our staff treated her for abrasions, dehydration and exhaustion. Thanks to the professional care she received from our staff and interns, Polly was ready to go again in a few days. We returned her to the area she was found to rejoin her family. Here, moments after release, Polly hopped-up onto Carly the Intern’s shoulder to get her bearings. In a few moments, Polly took off across the field and landed on a telephone wire, ready to get started on her second chance at life.