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Jupiter, a Long-eared Owl, was found in a parking garage in downtown Milwaukee.

The disoriented owl was apparently stunned after colliding into a window and sought the relative quiet of the parking garage to get away from the bustle of downtown. A few people, unaccustomed to seeing an owl in the middle of the city, contacted the Wisconsin Humane Society for help. A wildlife volunteer was dispatched to rescue Jupiter and she brought him in for treatment.

Rehabilitating and Releasing Jupiter

Once at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Jupiter was given a thorough exam, emergency fluids and medicine for the pain.

After recovering for a few hours in an incubator, Jupiter looked much better, but was still a little wobbly and not quite ready for release.

 After a couple of weeks in rehabilitation, Jupiter was ready to return to the skies! A staff member banded him for identification purposes and Jupiter took off into the night sky with great enthusiasm. 

Your Support Makes a Difference!

Thank you to everybody who supported this stunning owl.

 If you would like to sponsor one of the many other animals in care at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, please click here