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We received a call concerning a coyote that was somehow “stuck to the ground” in the wetland behind the caller’s yard. Our Wildlife Rehabilitator was surprised to find that the coyote that we’ve named Calvin was caught by his waist in a cable snare trap!

Treating Calvin

We carefully captured Calvin, cut the snare and brought him into our wildlife hospital.

Our wildlife rehabilitators treated the wounds caused by the pressure and wear of the tight cable snare looped around his body, just in front of the hips. The snare was so tight that Calvin was only able to release his bladder after the snare was cut! It is hard to imagine how much that hurt! Not to mention the fear and panic he must have experienced, anchored to a tree by the snare, unable to escape.

Releasing Calvin

We kept Calvin overnight for observation; to be sure he was healthy.

After he gorged himself on our delicious canned dog food, bananas, smelt and other donated treats, we got to release him the next day! Calvin likely has no comprehension that we were helping him, but he is liberated now and that is all that matters. Had Calvin been left in the snare trap for much longer, he certainly would have died.

Removal of the Illegal Trap

We called the DNR to report that the coyote had been snared in an illegally-set trap.

Coyote trapping season was closed, the trap was not marked with the identification of the trapper, it was set on private property without the landowner’s permission and it lacked a “safety” to prevent dogs and kids from becoming snared. The DNR picked-up the illegally-set snare that we removed, and is currently investigating the case. Please donate today to help us save even more animal lives on future rescues.

Watch the exciting release of Calvin the Coyote.