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As the suburbs continue to sprawl further and further away from the city center, wild animals have fewer places to go.

Even White-Tailed Deer, who normally try to avoid humans, often get lost in the maze of streets and neighborhoods. They become disoriented, unable to find their way back to the forest and sometimes end up in perilous situations.

Buck's Rescue

Buck was one of these unfortunate deer. After wandering aimlessly around a busy subdivision for hours, Buck panicked and jumped into a deep ditch behind a restaurant parking lot.

The ditch was steep and surrounded by fencing, so poor Buck could not find his way out. Desperate and afraid, Buck began to lose hope. Little did Buck know that, the Wisconsin Humane Society was on the way to the rescue!

Wildlife Manager Scott Diehl carefully prepared a tranquilizer to pacify the frantic deer. An excellent marksman, Scott darted Buck and waited patiently for the tranquillizer to take effect. After he was unconscious, Buck was carefully lifted out of the ditch and into a safer area. Scott carefully monitored his vital signs during this process. He then moved Buck to get him out of danger and administered a reversal drug to nullify the effects of the tranquilizer. When Buck woke up, he returned to the safety of the forest.