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Poor Bob was found lying in a parking lot at Wilson Park, apparently after being hit by a car.

Luckily, he did not suffer any broken bones, but his two upper canine teeth were broken off and had to be surgically removed by a WHS veterinarian. Bob also had an abrasion on his snout and his toes and tail were frostbitten from the cold. He was thankfully rescued before the cold or predators were able to harm him further.

Rehabilitation and Release

While Bob was recovering from surgery, he was restricted to a diet of soft foods until his mouth healed.

Fortunately for Bob, his appetite was not affected by his injuries! After a month in rehabilitation to heal and wait for warmer weather, Bob was finally released back into the wild! Some of the friends whom Bob made while at the Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center are still recovering in the hospital. When they are healthy enough to return to their native habitats, Bob’s friends will be released, too.