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A father and daughter out kayaking found Spike the Ring Billed Gull.

As they approached Spike in their kayaks, Spike tried to get away, but he was unable to fly because he had a fishing hook through his wing. The line attached to the hook was wrapped around the wing and both of his legs. The caring kayakers carefully scooped up Spike and swiftly transported him to the Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Upon admission, our wildlife rehabilitators worked diligently to remove the hook and all the line without causing any more tissue damage. Fishing line is so thin and hard to see that it can be quite challenging to remove completely. Once the hook and line were removed, Spike’s wounds were treated and he had some much needed cage rest.

Release and Prevention

Several weeks later, thanks to the care given by our Wildlife staff and Animal Care Volunteers, Spike was released on the Lake Michigan shore. He flew away, strong and determined.

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Spike’s injury was preventable. Join our Line Rangers team and help save wildlife by picking-up fishing line. Help us care for animals like Spike by donating an item on our Wish List!