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Millie and Family

Millie, a mother Mallard, flew everywhere looking for a place to build her nest.

It needed to be away from the water’s edge but not too far from a nearby pond, safe from predators (especially humans) and have a spectacular view. Finally, she found the perfect place! She built her nest, laid her eggs and waited patiently for a month for them to hatch. There was only one problem: her nest was on the roof of the Miller Brewing Company!

When the ducklings hatched, Millie quickly realized her mistake. There was no way that the ducklings could get off the roof and down to the water. She could fly back and forth, but her poor babies were not able to fly yet! Luckily, an employee at Miller saw Millie on the roof and called the Wisconsin Humane Society for help.

Wildlife staff members were dispatched to the scene right away. Rounding up the ducklings was easy, but catching a flying duck is another story. Luckily, the wildlife staff is experienced in making difficult rescues and after a couple of tense minutes, Millie was apprehended. Millie and her family were transported to a nearby pond and released a short time later. Happy to be in the safety of the water, Millie gave a few short quacks and swam to freedom with her babies following closely behind her!