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After spending hours on the busy highway, unable to escape, Peter was scared to death.

This little Cottontail had somehow managed to hop onto the shoulder of Interstate 794 Northbound between Howard and Oklahoma Avenue in Milwaukee. The side wall of the highway was too high for him to jump over and the nearest off ramp was a quarter of a mile away. Peter was tired, hungry and in constant fear of being hit by a car zooming past him at 50 mph.

Peter's Rescue

Luckily for Peter, a concerned motorist called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help.

Wildlife Manager Scott Diehl arrived on the scene to find the frightened bunny crouched against the hard concrete wall. Scott cautiously approached the Cottontail with a net, but when Peter saw the human coming towards him, he scampered away. Fearing that if Peter became spooked, he might run into traffic, Scott moved gently to the other side of Peter and slowly herded him toward the nearest off-ramp. After 10 minutes of coaxing the bunny to a safer place, Peter finally reached the grassy area at Oklahoma Avenue and sprinted off safely into the neighborhood! Another day, another life saved by the Wisconsin Humane Society!