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Be Bop

We received a call early one morning about a fawn that was stuck in a soccer-goal net.

Wild animals are not used to being restrained, so anytime they are confined or restricted, they fight desperately to free themselves. If they cannot readily escape , they can become so stressed and physically exhausted from their struggle that they can die! When we received the call, knowing how stressful this situation can be for an animal, we knew this was an emergency.

We immediately called Joyce, one of our most experienced rescue volunteers (she regularly does over 130 rescues per year in her "spare time"), to see if she would be able to help. Fortunately , Joyce was willing and able to rush over to see if she could help the little deer, who we named “Be-Bop,” right away.

Be Bop's Rescue

Once on the scene, Joyce quickly, but carefully, approached the fawn so not to scare her, and covered Be-Bop’s head with a blanket to calm her.

Joyce worked quickly and deftly to untangle the fawn from the thick netting. After Joyce freed Be-Bop from the net, the tired and bewildered fawn scampered off into the nearby woods, likely exhausted from her stressful morning.

Be Bop Reunites With Her Mother

Be-Bop was young enough to still be dependent on her mother.

Fortunately, mom deer have a great way to track their baby if they become separated. Deer have scent glands between their toes, and mom knows the scent of her baby. So despite being apart during the fawn’s harrowing ordeal, Be-Bop’s mom could readily track her errant baby and get back together in short order.