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Bond and Moneypenny

On a cold day in February, Bond surfaced from a deep dive in Lake Michigan.

It appeared he was about fifty yards off the Milwaukee shore. After making sure the coast was clear, he took off for land and flew low over the city. Spying what seemed to be a safe river to land; he slowed his pace and descended. Bond barely had time to reduce his speed when he realized that he wasn't landing in water, but on concrete! Just then, a car sped by, sending him diving out of the way for safety!

Saving Bond

Is this a preview for a new British spy movie? No. Bond is a Common Goldeneye

He belongs to a family of waterfowl known as diving ducks that spend most of their time in the water and like 007, they are very skilled swimmers. But, Bond must have become disoriented when he accidentally landed in the middle of a street. A kind person noticed he was in danger and brought him to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Rehabilitation and Release

Luckily, Bond did not suffer serious injuries, although he was very thin from trying to survive the harsh winter.

At the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, he joined a female Goldeneye named Moneypenny who was recovering from emaciation and severe dehydration. While they were in our hospital, they both enjoyed daily tub swimming and eating fish and mealworms. After several weeks of rest and rejuvenation, Bond and Moneypenny were taken back to Lake Michigan for release!