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In late summer, Loki, the Sora Rail, was brought into the Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in poor shape.

When wildlife rehabilitators examined Loki, he was found to be suffering from a concussion and partially blind. A blow to the head can cause an animal to lose vision.

Window Collision

How did Loki sustain these injuries?

It’s very likely that he was migrating south when he hit a window. Window collisions are a major cause of injury and death for migratory birds. Birds can’t comprehend glass: they see the world reflected in the window and think they can fly into the reflection. Or, if two windows on opposite sides of a building are aligned, birds think that they can fly through this “tunnel”. Injuries caused by window collisions are very disheartening to a wildlife rehabilitator, since they are preventable. Click here to see how you can prevent window collisions for wild birds at your home, work and school.

Taking Care of Loki

WHS rehabilitators immediately gave Loki medication for pain and swelling, and administered oral fluids.

Since he initially had trouble seeing the waxworms and mealworms we offered him to eat, he had to be hand-fed four times a day. We also gave him medicated eye drops twice daily to reduce the swelling around his eye.

Over the next few weeks, with each re-evaluation of his case, Loki was showing improvement. Imagine our delight when one morning we found that Loki had eaten all the food in his dish! Was it true? Was his sight restored?

Releasing Loki

Another examination showed that all the swelling was gone and Loki was fully visual again!

After weeks of cage rest and therapy, Loki was ready to be released.

Thank You For Your Support

Loki is definitely a lucky bird: millions of birds die annually from window collisions.

Loki was saved thanks to the help and support of people like you. Please consider sponsoring Loki today!