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Tate and Alyce

Baby raccoons Tate and Alyce, were found frightened and wandering on a road early this past spring.

There was no sign of their mother. It is likely that their mom was hit by a car. Luckily, a compassionate person was able to safely rescue and contain the two little orphans and bring them to the Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help.

Caring for Tate and Alyce

The Center staff and interns cared for Tate and Alyce in our Wildlife Nursery.

The little raccoons were carefully bottle-fed a specially-made formula designed for raccoons that we fed them four times a day. Over the following weeks, Tate and Alyce were weaned and moved with some other orphaned raccoons to one of our outdoor pre-release habitats. There they climbed and played and tussled with their new "siblings," growing, getting stronger and getting ready for life in the wild.

Releasing Tate and Alyce

Late one afternoon toward the end of summer, Tate, Alyce and their friends were released on private land in excellent raccoon habitat.

The landowner will provide food for the released raccoons for a few weeks as they get used to foraging on their own. Please donate to the Wisconsin Humane Society to help us save the lives of orphans like Tate and Alyce!