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Migratory bird season is here!

Prevent window collisions with $3 window clings from the Wisconsin Humane Society

MILWAUKEE - Hundreds of avian window collision victims are admitted to the Wisconsin Humane Society's (WHS) Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital each year, and it is estimated that between 300,000,000 to 900,000,000 birds die each year in North America from building collisions alone! 

Navigating near and around glass is a foreign concept for birds and when they encounter it, birds either become exhausted and disoriented attempting to navigate around it, they try to “fly through” the landscape reflection that they see in the glass.

Prevention is key to helping birds avoid window collisions, and migratory bird season is upon us in Wisconsin, so there is no better time to ensure your home or workplace are safe for our avian friends. There are many ways to help prevent window collisions, and here are some options:

  • In rooms where windows are aligned, to keep birds from seeing in one window and out another window, simply close the blinds or curtains on one of the windows. Without obscuring the window, birds often think they can fly through these "tunnels" and are injured or killed as a result.
  • Hang brightly colored fluttering ribbons or unwanted CDs outside in front of windows.
  • Install fine-mesh plastic netting outside in front of windows. Leave a few inches between the glass and the netting to allow birds to collide softly with the mesh instead of hitting the glass.
  • Eliminate reflections completely by applying CollidEscape® film to the outside of windows. 
  • Reduce the risk of window collisions for birds visiting your feeders by placing them either very close (within three feet) or at least ten yards away from windows.

Another effective way to prevent collisions is to make windows visible to birds by putting opaque window clings on them. They must be applied on the exterior of clean windows; several clings are needed per window. It is recommended to place them in close proximity to each other to maximize efficiency in preventing collisions.

Right now, thanks to the support of WHS friend Jeff Rusinow, you can purchase 9 window cling stickers for just $3 from the Wisconsin Humane Society, while supplies last. The clings are available at the WHS Milwaukee Campus during regular business hours, or online at Shipping costs are not included. 


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