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H.A.V.E.N. Partnership


The Wisconsin Humane Society is proud to partner with HAVEN (Hounds and Pets Empowered Now), a separate 501c3 nonprofit organization, to offer training classes for military personnel and veterans at the WHS Milwaukee Campus.

The mission of HAVEN is to support, encourage, and assist in the development of mutually beneficial relationships between veterans and dogs.

HAVEN helps veterans who have been deployed to a combat zone, and veterans with MST who have a service-connected disability. Veterans who are eligible to apply to the training program must be in treatment for at least one year and have received a referral from the appropriate provider at the Veterans Administration (VA). 

HAVEN provides training at no fee to veterans and their dogs. Veterans involved in the HAVEN training program train their dogs in behaviors like retrieving, as well as tasks needed for the veterans’ specific disabilities such as alerting behaviors, leading to safety, and watching their backs.

History of HAVEN

HAVEN was co-founded in 2014 by Linda Bobot, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Linda has over 20 years' experience in Service Dog training, training owners to train their own Service Dog.

“After witnessing an extremely touching encounter involving several Marines and one dog at Camp Pendleton," said Linda, "I realized I wanted to find a way to get Veterans and dogs together. HAVEN became a reality because the right people showed up at the right time.”

Contact Info

CLICK HERE to visit the H.A.V.E.N. website

Linda Bobot