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Rabbit Communication

Your new bunny will not bark or meow, but she will be able to communicate her moods and intentions quite clearly.

Communication between two species takes time and patience as both parties learn to speak a new language.

The following sounds and actions will aid you in learning "rabbit talk" and consistency on your part will aid your rabbit in learning "human talk." 


May indicate an aggressive mood usually provoked by an assumed attack. It may also be followed by a lunge, scratch or bite so it's important to pay attention when you hear this sound. 

Low Squealing

Most rabbits use this when they want to be put down and allowed to run free. 

Gnashing the Teeth

Means the rabbit is completely relaxed. It usually occurs when the rabbit is being petted. 


Indicates a willingness on the part of the buck to court and mate. 

Thumping or Tapping

 Occurs when the rabbit is very frightened or very excited. In the world of rabbits, thumping is used in burrows to announce danger to the other rabbits. 

Tense Body and an Upright Tail

Indicates excitement. 

Tense Sitting Position with Ears Laid Back

The rabbit is ready to defend herself. 

Rubbing with underside of chin and all kinds of objects

Indicates that these things are part of his territory. Both male and female rabbits mark their territory this way. 

Nudging with Muzzle

Your rabbit wants attention. 

Rolling Over on His/Her Side or Back

A sign of pure delight and total comfort with his surroundings.