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Why license your cat?

  • Your companion animal may become lost. A license tag provides proper identification to assist you in locating your animal should he or she become lost or stray.
  • Your Municipality May Require It.  Many municipalities have licensing requirements for dogs, cats, ferrets, and pot-bellied pigs.  These requirements ensure your animal is vaccinated for rabies.   License fees vary by municipality and must be renewed annually. 

To obtain a license you will need to have proof of rabies. If your pet is not current on their rabies vaccination. Please go to your veterinarian or to a vaccination clinic to obtain their rabies vaccination. The dates for our upcoming clinics can be found here. 

Unsure of how to obtain a license?

To obtain a license the first step is to have a copy of your proof of rabies.

Licenses have different fee amounts based on age, whether or not your pet is altered, number of pets in the home, and municipality in which you live.

To learn more about licensing in your municipality click on your county below:

Milwaukee County (Licenses for Milwaukee County are also available for purchase at the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus)

Ozaukee County

Racine County

Sheboygan County

Waukesha County

Washington County

Kenosha County

Walworth County