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Cat Seminars

In an effort to strengthen the bond and communication between people and their cats, the Wisconsin Humane Society offers seminars to the public at our Milwaukee and Ozaukee Campuses!

If you're outside the Milwaukee or Ozaukee area and are looking for resources, please contact us at or 414-431-6173 so we can direct you to a qualified professional in your community.

Cat Behavior Seminars

Currently offered at the Milwaukee and Ozaukee Campuses

While we don't share a verbal language with cats, we can learn much more about our feline friends by understanding their body language and what motivates them.

Join us for this two-hour seminar immersing you in the world of feline behavior. Topics covered include:

  • How to read your cat's body language
  • Introducing your cat to other animals
  • Solving aggression between household cats
  • Reducing play aggression
  • Preventing and solving litterbox problems
  • Providing exercise & mental enrichment for cats
  • How to stop your cat from waking you in the middle of the night

The fee to attend is just $10 and you'll receive a $5 gift certificate to use in our Animal Antics retail store at the end of your seminar.

Register by selecting a Cat Behavior Seminar near you on our calendar.