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Frozen Enrichment Bowl DIY

All dogs require some level of physical and mental exercise in their daily life, and there are ways to provide both at once right at home! An enrichment item is something that engages your dog's body and brain, like a puzzle toy, a feeder ball, or a snuffle mat. While there are many great products available for purchase, you can create your own enrichment toy with items you already have on hand! Follow the steps below to create a frozen enrichment bowl and watch your dog have a blast working to free all of their favorite items. This puzzle is especially intriguing for them because it constantly changes as the ice melts. If your dog doesn't seem interested, you can experiment with different treats and toys, try adjusting the size (a large dish may make the block too cumbersome for a small dog), or try adding a little low-sodium, dog-safe broth to the water before freezing. 

Step One: Gather a few treats, some kibble, toys, a long-term chew or filled Kong, and a dog dish.  


Step Two: 
Arrange the items in the dish and fill the dish with water. You want the items to stick out above the water level to capture your dog's interest. 


Step Three: Freeze! 


Step Four: Once frozen solid, remove from the bowl and give to your dog.  Remember, this item is messy as it thaws! This is a great activity to provide for your dog in the yard during comfortable weather, inside a larger walk-in shower stall, or on an easily cleaned floor.