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Selecting a Dog Professional

This information is provided by Shelter Playgroup Alliance

CLICK HERE for a print-friendly version of this page with even more information, provided by Shelter Playgroup Alliance! 

CLICK HERE for a list of questions to ask a potential dog trainer, dog walker, and boarding/day care facility as well as what responses to look for, provided by Shelter Playgroup Alliance. 


Selecting a Dog Trainer

The techniques that a trainer uses will affect your dog's behavior for years post-training. Because of the impact, it is very important to choose your trainer wisely. 

Dog training is an unregulated industry, and while there are certifications and great training programs, they are not a guarantee of the quality of you and your dog's experience. Remember, training should be a fun experience for both of you! 

Selecting a Dog Walker

Many dog walkers are people who love dogs and see the dog walking profession as a fun way to combine their passion with a career. Unfortunately, there are no professional standards to prepare walkers for handling multiple dogs at once. Determine what your pet's needs are and what their experience will be, before you start looking for your canine's new walking companion. Each outing with your dog walker should be an enjoyable and positive experience for your dog. 

Selecting a Boarding or Day Care Facility

A great boarding or day care facility can provide enriching experiences for your dog while you are away at work or traveling. Be sure to select a boarding or day care facility that will treat your dog with the love and care that you would. Great boarding or day care facilities maintain safety and take into account each dog's behavioral needs.