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The Wisconsin Humane Society wants to help pet owners keep their furry friends safe during this week of bitter cold temperatures, snow, and icy sidewalks, and suggests the following tips to avoid cold weather perils:

  • Keep your animals inside. Only take dogs outside long enough to relieve him/herself and keep cats indoors at all times. 
  • Clean up antifreeze spills immediately. The sweet taste of this lethal poison actually attracts animals. Use more animal-friendly formulations of products if possible, such as propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol. 
  • Always keep your dog leashed on snow and ice. Despite their powerful noses dogs often lose their scent in the snow and ice and can easily become lost. 
  • Never leave your companion animal alone in the car, especially in cold weather. The car can quickly become a refrigerator and your beloved animal can freeze to death. 
  • When your dog comes in out of the rain, snow, or ice, thoroughly wipe off his or her legs, feet, and stomach. Use a towel to remove salt or antifreeze from their paws, legs, and bellies.
  • Before you start your car, beep your horn several times. Cats often look for warm places to rest, and the hood of your car or even underneath the vehicle might be options for them. 
  • Get creative with indoor play ideas. Interactive toys like Kongs, or tricks-for-treats are great ways to keep your animal mentally and physically active. 
  • If you suspect that your pets has frostbite or hypothermia, slowly warm their affected body part, wrap them in a warm towel, and call your veterinarian immediately. Do not immerse them in hot water or rub the affected area, as that can cause more damage.

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