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When Daisy arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society, she cried constantly.

It was an encouraging sign, though, because this one pound kitten was going to need every ounce of energy she could muster to get through the next few weeks.   

The baby kitty was only 8 weeks old and she had a terrible respiratory infection when she arrived. Even worse, something was very wrong with her rear leg. She painfully dragged it behind herself, wincing at every touch.

Daisy Needs Surgery

Veterinarians took x-rays of Daisy's leg, which revealed a serious fracture through her tiny femur.

Left untreated, the injury will cause chronic pain in her leg and hip, in addition to inhibiting her proper growth. Daisy is young, so veterinarians have determined that to ensure a second chance for her, she must have amputation surgery.

At such a young age, Daisy will quickly adapt to life on three legs and she'll eventually resume normal mobility.  As long as she gets the surgery.

Thank You For Your Support

The costs associated with Daisy’s veterinary treatment, surgery, hospital stay and adoption services reached about $1,000.

Like all the animals at WHS, Daisy depended on donations from individuals like you to provide expert animal care and adoption services. You made all the difference in Daisy's life.

Daisy Recovers From Surgery

Daisy is doing wonderfully!

She had leg amputation surgery and recovered remarkably fast.  This little kitten was truly an inspiration throughout her stay at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Thank you to everyone who helped secure a second chance for Daisy.

Daisy has be adopted into a loving home.