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Solomon needed emergency surgery to remove his ulcerated eye.

9-year-old Solomon was wandering the streets before he was rescued and taken to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

The poor pug was filthy and exhausted, but he seemed relieved to finally reach a safe haven.  Solomon welcomed the gentle treatment he got from medical staff as he received his initial exam. Unfortunately, he had an infected fold over his nose, painfully long nails, ear infections in both ears and a weight problem.  Most distressing was Solomon’s swollen, infected and ulcerated eye. The damage to his eye was beyond repair and Solomon desperately needed emergency surgery to prevent the infection from spreading further.

Solomon Recovers from Surgery

Doctors successfully removed his eye and Solomon recovered nicely!

His happy-go-lucky personality was contagious. His goofy grin lit up the room and his adorable wrinkles camouflaged his missing eye.  Always willing to sit for a treat, this old dog gained a new lease on life and healed quickly.

Improving Solomon's Health

Solomon still needed to be treated for his other conditions.

He also needed to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime to lose weight. He spent a couple of weeks in a foster home and was soon ready for a new home that understood his special needs. 

Solomon Gets Adopted!

Solomon was adopted by a wonderful woman.

She will care for him, keep him on a special diet and help keep him free of the chronic conditions he suffers from.