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Princess needed surgery for a fractured leg.

Princess is so petite and fragile, but she's certainly not shy!

The Miniature Pinscher is quite outspoken in her requests to hop and play, but we had to disappoint her. Princess had a broken femur and she had to be confined to strict bed rest. 

Princess Has Surgery

Princess is an affectionate, disarming girl and thankfully, her break could be repaired.

An orthopedic specialist inserted a metal plate into her leg to secure the bone during specialized surgery. Many weeks of limited activity and confinement were necessary as she healed. Princess spent time in the WHS infirmary until she was well enough to be placed in a new home.

Thank You For Your Support

The cost of Princess' medical care totaled close to $3,000.

Thanks to many generous donations, we raised the funds needed for Princess' care.

Princess Finds A New Home

We also received many adoption inquiries and in late September.

We are pleased to say that Princess was adopted into a loving family from Madison, Wisconsin.

Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts to this special little girl.