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Keep your dog at home on the 4th of July

Is Fido Fearing the Fireworks? Leave your dog at home on July 4th!

MILWAUKEE – With family picnics, patriotic parades and spectacular fireworks, it’s hard to find anyone who does not like the Fourth of July holiday... unless they have fur. Most companion animals would rather ditch the fireworks and other festivities and stay at home with a good peanut-butter stuffed Kong or catnip toy. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society is reminding companion animal guardians to keep Fido safe and happy during the Fourth of July holiday.   Don’t forget these important tips:

  • Loud, sudden noises with bright, blinding colors – no thanks!  While many people enjoy fireworks, most companion animals are frightened by them.  The Wisconsin Humane Society suggests leaving your animals at home. Many animals bolt away in fear of the loud noises and can easily become lost. During neighborhood or family fireworks, keep your animals inside.
  • All of the cool animals are wearing them.  If your dog or cat isn’t wearing one, identification collars and license tags are a necessity.   This expedites the quick return of your animal if he or she becomes lost.
  • As much as you like your Mustang, Fluffy doesn’t feel the same way.  Never leave your companion animal in a car because it can quickly heat up to fatal temperatures.
  • Got an anxious dog or cat?  Animal Antics, the retail store inside WHS, carries several products that reduce stress and tension in animals, including Homeopet Anxiety TFLN, specially formulated for thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises.
  • If you would like help in managing your dog’s fear of loud noises, contact the Wisconsin Humane Society Behavior Department at (414) 431-6173.

For more information about the Wisconsin Humane Society, call (414) ANIMALS or visit

  • Wednesday, July 3, 2013
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