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2002 - 2012

Frankie came into my life in March 2003. I had recently lost a beloved Newfoundland named Petie at the young age of 3 years. Still feeling my loss, I went to the Cudahy Kennel Club dog show. Watching the Newf puppies in the ring, my eyes quickly fell upon this magnificent animal. While all the other puppies were strutting their stuff, this sweet, awkward puppy was taking his potty break. Not once, mind you, but twice. I knew then and there that the show ring was no place for this sweet boy. About one month later, Frankie came to live with his new family. Frankie came to us with the personality to become a certified therapy dog. He was perfect. Frankie has made hundreds of visits and has touched the lives of thousands of people.

One special example is Frankie 's weekly visit to Alzheimer's clients at an adult day care center. Every week we would visit the clients and every week I would go up to this particular lady and ask if she would like to pet Frankie, and every week she shook her head "no."

Then one day, after about 8 months of weekly visits, I again asked her if she would like to pet Frankie. This time, she looked right at Frankie, took his head into her hands and said "I love you Frankie". I had been told by one of the staff that she had not spoken since she came to this facility. There were times when the staff began to have problems with her and they called me to come in with Frankie. She calmed down right away. She played with him and he kissed her. It was a special bond they had, something remarkable.

She has recently passed, but it gives me great comfort that if I never would have seen the sweet puppy in the show ring or we never would have gotten involved in pet therapy, we would never have met this wonderful lady and Frankie and her would have never created the special bond that they had. I truly believe we all come into each others lives for a special reason be it human or animal.

Frankie was a special events volunteer for the Wisconsin Humane Society. He also volunteered with Pets Helping People and He volunteered in the dialysis unit at Children's Hospital, he was a cheerleader for Special Olympics, he was the "surprise" at the Ronald McDonald House secret garden listened to children read and many many more venues. Those who knew him, loved him immediately and he will be greatly missed.   - Judy Janasik

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