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Nemo, the Herring Gull, was found washed-up on the beach, weak and emaciated from avian botulism poisoning.

Immediately after diagnosis, we placed Nemo in a warm incubator and began tube-feeding him a special diet four times a day, for his first few days in our hospital. This regime helped flush bacterial toxins from his body and to rehydrate him.

Rehabilitation and Release

As the days went by, Nemo grew stronger.

We then began providing him with a nutritionally-complete feeding solution and began offering him whole smelt to eat.

About three weeks after his arrival at WHS, he had regained most of his strength and was moved to an outdoor habitat with other recuperating gulls, so he could bathe and exercise. Two weeks in the flight habitat had him rarin’ to go and he was released in the Wildlife Compound at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Nemo took off and sailed east over the horizon, toward Lake Michigan.

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Sheldon's Shelter Fund

Sheldon’s Shelter Fund was started by Sheldon and his mom as a way for lucky people and animals to share their happiness with animals who are waiting to find people of their own.  

Consider sharing your love by donating to the Sheldon Shelter Fund!