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Animal Surrender & Re-Homing

We understand that there are sometimes circumstances that may prevent you from being able to keep your animal and we are here to help.

The Wisconsin Humane Society offers many resources and educational opportunities to help you maintain the treasured bond that you have with your animal companions. If you've exhausted these resources, please first consider exploring our virtual re-homing program. Our Virtual Rehoming Packet provides other solutions to surrendering your pet. 

When you bring your animal in to the Wisconsin Humane Society for surrender, he or she will receive a health and behavior assessment. There are no time or space limits at our shelter, which means that if we are able to place your animal in our adoption program, he or she will remain with us until a new, loving home is found.

If you do choose to surrender, please have the following prepared:

  • An appointment is requested so we're better prepared for your animal's arrival. To schedule a surrender appointment at the Milwaukee Campus, please call 414.431.6102. For the Racine Campus, 262-554-6699. For the Ozaukee Campus, 262-377-7580. 
  • Complete and submit a dog surrender profile or a cat surrender profile online before you arrive. 
  • Please bring your photo ID to the surrender appointment.
  • If you have them, please bring your animal's medical records at the time of surrender.
  • your animal should be current on vaccinations, including distemper, rabies and kennel cough for dogs;
  • Your animal should be social and easy to handle.

Please note: We are willing to work around time constraints and will never turn away an animal in need.

Surrender Fees

Please make arrangements with WHS if you're unable to afford the surrender fees. These fees go toward the care of your animal while we help them find a new home.

AnimalSingle Animal (Fee Per Animal)Multiple Animals (Fee Applied to Group)
Dogs $35.00 $70.00
Cats $35.00 $70.00
Rabbits $25.00 $40.00
Small animals $10.00 $25.00
Exotics $50.00 $75.00

Please make arrangements with WHS if you're unable to afford the surrender fees. These fees go toward the care of your animal while we help them find a new home.

There are some circumstances where animals cannot be placed for adoption.

  • When animals show signs of aggressive or unsociable behavior during the administration of a nationally recognized behavior assessment. Please note that some animals respond differently to strangers, especially in a new environment.
  • When a veterinarian determines that the animal's physical health greatly impairs their quality of life in an untreatable way.

We recommend that you explore solutions to the problems you face with your animal prior to surrender. The Wisconsin Humane Society has many resources, including our virtual re-homing program, to help you keep your animal in your home. Just ask us for help; we're here for you during this difficult time.

Click here to see our shelter hours and location. For more information about surrendering an animal to the Wisconsin Humane Society, call 414-ANIMALS.

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