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Kind Kids Spotlight

A huge round-of-a-paws to these kids who have done wonderful things to help animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society!

If you’ve done a project for animals and would like to tell us about it, email us and you could appear on our web site!

Looking for ways to help animals? Check out our Kids Can Help page and get started today!


Girl Scout Troop 3463

These amazing ladies from Girl Scout Troop Troop 3463 worked so hard for their Bronze award project by collecting tons of donations for the Wisconsin Humane Society!! They had a school drive where they received food, treats, beds, toys, and so much more! The animals and staff are very happy to use all the items!! Thank you so much!!!!







Sean received lots of puppy kisses for his incredible donation from his 7th birthday!  He asked his family and friends to donate money to the Wisconsin Humane Society, which totaled $202.00!!! We were so thankful for his generous donation until he surprised us with how he wanted to use the donation. He asked if he could spend it in our Animal Antic store and then donate all those items to the animals!!!  Sean, thank you so much for your amazing donations. Our animals are enjoying all the items you bought and donated back to them!!






Girl Scout Troop 9280

Girl Scout Troop 9280 received a special visit from a WHS Alumni who wanted to thank them for their donation of $200.00 to the Wisconsin Humane Society Racine Campus!!  Thank you ladies for your amazing donation!!





For her 11th birthday, Trinity asked her friends and family to donate to the Wisconsin Humane Society. Pollux couldn't stop telling Trinity how thankful he was for her amazing gifts and wishing her a happy birthday!!




Franklin Elementary Student Council & Girl scout Troop 1045

These girls brought in TONS of boxes full of donation for all the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society!! Thank you for the amazing donations ladies! Our animals cannot to dig into those boxes and see all their new things!!




Jaisyn & Rocky

For a school project Jaisyn decided to do a donation drive to help all the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society-Racine Campus! All the animals were so excited for these fantastic donations and couldn't thank Jaisyn and Rocky for stopping by!!! We can't thank you enough for your generousity! We give you an A++!!!





For her 7th birthday, Zoah asked for donations to help the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society.  We were so excited to meet her and her sister, Scarlett and thank them for the awesome donations!!  Thank you so much for thinking of us and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!




Wow! Look at all those donations! She collected all these donations from her school when she did a supply drive for the Wisconsin Humane Society! Our animals cannot wait to explore all those boxes and see all their new things!!




Rachael and Emily

Rachael & Emily wanted to give back to the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus so instead of asking for gifts for themselves they asked for items for the animals.  What a thought, awesome gift!!! Thank you girls for being so thoughtful!!!





A huge thank you to Jordyn from South Milwaukee High School!  She dropped off some lovely fleece beds to go home with animals for the holidays.  After asking for fleece donations from family and friends, Jordyn made each bed by hand so animals like Sugar (pictured) can have a cozy place to snuggle.  Thank you, Jordyn. Your generosity means a lot!




Girl Scout Troop 9430

 Girl Scout Troop 9430 had a huge surprise for us when they came to visit the Wisconsin Humane Scout for Scout Night. They put donation bins at Rawson Elementary and Blarewood Schools and brought in a TON of donations!!!! Thank you so much ladies for the amazing gift for all our animals!!!





Lola was so excited to meet Reagan, who stopped by the Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus to drop off donations from her birthday. Reagan asked her family and friends to bring donations for the animals at the humane society instead of gifts for herself! How sweet!!!  Thank you Reagan! 





Josie, with her friend Lilly, stopped by the Milwaukee Campus to drop off donations for all the animals from her birthday party. Instead of asking asking for gifts for her 7th birthday, Josie asked her friends to bring in donations for the humane society!! Thank you Josie and Lilly for stopping by to visit with the animals and your wonderful donations!!!!!





Michaela stopped by our Ozaukee Campus with all the change she has been saving this year! Thank you Michaela for thinking of the animals! Our kittens are especially grateful for your generosity!!





Instead of getting gifts for her 7th birthday, Phoebe asked her friends to bring items that can be donated to the Wisconsin Humane Society. The animals are so excited to see all the new items you brought for them! Thank you Phoeb for the awesome donations! Happy Birthday!!!!




Third Graders at Fernwood Montessori School

A big PAWS UP to the first through third graders at Fernwood Montessori School in Milwaukee. Inspired by a paper that some of their fellow students wrote about the Wisconsin Humane Society and animal welfare, these students coordinated a school collection drive for the animals at WHS! They donated over 200 items to help the animals ranging from food to treats to toys! We are so grateful to them for their generosity and hard work and we KNOW the animals are grateful too! 





For her birthday Stella donated $100.00 to help animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society. She was so excited to look around and see how donation is going to help all the animals waiting for they new homes. From all the animals and staff, thank you Stella for your amazing donation!!!





Billie selflessly asked for kitty supplies instead of her own birthday gifts. She was so excited to donate the goodies and even more excited to receive appreciation from Boggle, the kitten who couldn’t stop purring in her arms!  Thank you, Billie and Happy Birthday!




These amazing girls held a lemonade stand and raised $128.00, which they decided to doate to the Wisconsin Humane Society!!! Thank you ladies your amazing generosity and the awesome poster!!




Brianna and Brenna

Brianna & Brenna stopped with the Ozaukee Campus with a friend to drop off money they raised by selling bracelets they made! They raised over $69.00!!! Thank you so much ladies!!  




Coleman & Elizabeth

Ellie  & Lulu, along with a friend, stopped by the Milwaukee Campus with gifts from their 12th birthday party. Instead of asking for presents, they asked their friends to bring items to donate to the humane society! Thank you girls for thinking of all of us at the Wisconsin Humane Society!!





Tyler stopped by the Milwaukee Campus with lots of items for the animals! Our puppies and kittens were excited to meet Tyler and thank him for his very generous donation!!




Coleman & Elizabeth

Coleman & Elizabeth stopped by the Milwaukee Campus with a friend to make a donation for all the animals at the shelter!!  Dumpling was so excited to meet them and thank them with lots of cuddles and kisses! Thank you for thinking of the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society!!





Georgia, 11, raised $110.15 by inventing a game and charging her father's coworkers to play it.  She convinced them to play by promising to donate all of the money to the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society!  Her father then matched the money raised, and she emptied out her piggy bank at home too! Georgia came to the shelter to deliver the donation and she got a snuggle from Patrick. Thanks Georgia for being so creative and being a huge supporter of the Wisconsin Humane Society!!!





For her 6th birthday, Harlowe wanted friends and family to bring items to donate to the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus. The dogs and cats were so excited to play with their new toys and eat some yummy treats! Thank you Harlowe for all the donations from your birthday!!





Maddie turned ten today, and for her birthday asked friends and family for wish list items for WHS in lieu of gifts for herself. She came into the shelter to drop them off and snuggled with a puppy as well! Thank you Maddie for your support of the animals and kindness!





Our kittens  couldn't wait to hang out with Syndey and thank her for her amazing donation. She raised $104.77 at her lemonade stand to help all the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society!! We are are so touched by your generosity. Thank you Syndey!





We were so amazed when Vera stopped in to drop off donations she collected for her 5th birthday! She absolutely loves kitties and brought in a ton of toys and supplies for the cats at our Milwaukee Campus. Thank you so much Vera, we are very grateful!




Girls On The Run- Golden Meir

A BIG thank you to the Girls On The Run team from Golden Meir! The team had a bake sale for WHS and raised over $200 dollars for the animals! They even hosted Sharon, WHS staff, to do a formal check presentation. Way to go, girls!




Girls On The Run- McKinley

Many thanks to the Girls On The Run team from McKinley for hosting a needs drive for WHS new spay/neuter Clinic! The girls made flyers, wrote and read PA announcements at school, spoke in front of their classrooms, and created individual posters for the drive all resulting in great donations for our Clinic. We are so grateful ladies!





Julia and a friend wanted to come up with a way to help the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society so they decorated a shoe box and  placed it in their classroom. They asked classmates to donation and raised $60.06! What a great idea! Thank you so much Julia!!





Link was so excited to see Gweneth, who stopped by the Wisconsin Humane Society with a donation from her lemonade stand! She collected $20.61!! Way to go Gwen! We are so thankful!



Kayleeana, Abby, Sienna and Maurice

Kayleeana, Abby, Sienna, & Maurice were doing a class project around animal abuse. They wanted to help the community so they did a school drive at the Academy of Accelerated and collected items for the Wisconsin Humane Society. They brought in over 500 items! Thank you girls for the AMAZING donation!!!



Izabella, Sophia, & Hope

Izabella, Sophia, & Hope collected over $56.00 at their lemonade stand and decided to donate it to the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society-Milwaukee Campus! Some of our puppies want to thank them for their generosity with some puppy kisses!! 




Wow! Look at all these wonder items Allison brought in from for the animals at the Milwaukee Campus! For her Girl Scout service project Allison decided to do a donation drive at Downtown Montessori Academy. Thank you everyone, especially Allison for the fantastic donations!!!!!




Sydney decided for her birthday to donate treats, toys, and food for the animals at the Milwaukee Campus! Wamble, the puppy, couldn't wait to play with one of his new toys! Thank you Sydney!!



MacDowell Montessori School

Our animals are loving their new blankets made by the students at MacDowell Monessori School! They stopped by our Milwaukee Campus with tons of bags filled with blankets for the animals to enjoy. Thank you so much for all your hard work!




Huge thanks to Trinity for collecting donations on her birthday! She arrived with a whole cart full of supplies for the animals at our Milwaukee Campus. Thank you so much for your generosity!



Irving Elementary School

When we heard the students at Irving Elementary School in West Allis had a school-wide lollipop sale to raise money to help animals at WHS, we were so thrilled! Even more impressive is the amount they raised - $635 in only 5 days! That's a lot of lollipops and a lot of hard work and generosity. Way to go, Irving Eagles!




All the animals were so surprised and thankful when Alina presented them with gifts she collected for her birthday! Thank you Alina for sharing your special day with the animals.




A big thank you to Hannah and her friends who took time to collect donations for the animals at our Ozaukee Campus! Not only did we receive treats and toys for the animals, but the girls made cozy blankets for the dogs and cats to cuddle with. Thanks for stopping by, Hannah and for sharing your kindness with the animals!




Thank you, Declan for collecting the toys, treats and peanut butter for the animals this holiday season! Without hesitation, Nera's favorite new toy is the blue squeaky ball you have to her! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your kindness with the critters!



Elm Dale Elementary

A huge thank you to the generous students and staff at Elm Dale Elementary in Greenfield! For the second year in a row, they held a "Furry Friend Friday" donation drive and collected mounds of dog and cat food, toys and treats to help animals in need. Thanks for thinking of animals this holiday season!



Grace & Dylan

Thank you, Ava for bringing in donations for critters big and small! Rather than receiving birthday gifts, Ava decided to give back to the animals and ask for donations instead. Thank you for your generosity and Happy Birthday, Ava!


Grace & Dylan

Grace and Dylan organizaed a lemonade stand to raise money for the animals at our Milwaukee Campus and raised $65!We were so honored that they chose to use the proceeds to sponsor two of our animals. Thank you girls so much, we are incredibly grateful!


Catherine, Lizzy, Kaitlin & Alexa

There are so many ways to get creative with fundraising and here is a great example! Catherine, Lizzy, Kaitlin and Alexa held a carnival in their backyard complete with games, fortune telling, lemonade stands and more! All proceeds were donated to benefit the animals at the Ozaukee Campus. What a great way to enjoy time with friends, the summer weather and to help animals in need! Spectaular job, ladies and thank you!



Thank you Bella for collecting so many wonderful toys and food for the animals at our Ozaukee Campus for your birthday! The animals love their new gifts! Keep up the great work and we all say a big 'Thank You!' 



Huge thanks to Lexie! She collected donations for the animals at our Racine Campus instead of receiving presents for her birthday. We received lots of wonderful wishlist items which will help the animals during their stay. Happy Birthday Lexie! 


Girls on the Run

How's this for girl power? The 3rd-5th grade Girls onthe Run team from Stormonth Elementary in Fox Point recently collected wish list items to help animals in need. They received a visit from Connie, a WHS docent, and hey therapy dog, Brenna. Way to go, girls!


Girl Scout Troop 3051

How great are these blankets? Girl Scout Troop 3051 made several fleece blankets that have extra filling for extra comfort. The fun themes make these blankets a cute addition to any cat or dog suite. Keep up the great work, ladies and thank you for thinking of the animals!


Ethan Korb

A big thank you to Ethan for selflessly donating gifts to the animals at our Ozaukee Campus in lieu of receiving his own birthday presents! Everyone including the furry ones are grateful for your generosity and for collecting all those wonderful items. We hope had a very Happy Birthday, Ethan! 


Girl Scout Troop #1397

Huge thank you to Girl Scout Troop #1397 members Amelia & Maya. They sold Girl Scout cookies and donated a portion of the proceeds to the Milwaukee Campus. They also collected a large amount of wishlist items. Thank you so much girls!



Sam Berger

Thank you Sam for working hard to collect and donate 9 homemade blankets and toys for the animals at the Ozaukee Campus! The animals can't wait to cozy up with the blankets and toys during the blistery Wisconsin winter. Great job!



Girl Scout Troop 8439

Thank you Girl Scout Troop 8439 of Cedarburg for your generous donations! As the girls arrived for Scout Night at the Ozaukee Campus, they came with a big box filled with fleece-braided rope toys, dog and cat food, toys, lint rollers and more! All of these items will be put to use immediately. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!




Huge thanks to Nick who collected $100 and tons of wishlist items for the animals at our Milwaukee Campus. Nick chose WHS as the recipent for his Black Belt community service project. Thanks again Nick and good luck with your Black Belt test!




Troop 6317

Many thanks to Girl Scout Troop 6317 of Thiensville for bringing toys, treats and peanut butter to Scout Night at our Ozaukee Campus. Thanks for thinking of the animals and collecting these wonderful donations! Keep up the great work! 





A special thanks goes out to Eowyn! She graciously collected  donations for our Ozaukee Campus on her sixth birthday instead of presents and raised $76! We are all so grateful, Eowyn!




Hartford University School

Thanks to some special and generous third graders from Hartford University School in Milwaukee. They did a penny drive at their school during the month of November and raised over $250 for the Wildlife Center through our Classrooms Go Wild program. That's a lot of pennies! 




Elm Dale School in Greenfield

Thanks to Elm Dale School in Greenfield! The Elm Dale Chorus recently collected dozens of bags of dog and cat food during a “Furry Friends” food drive at the school. Your gift will help many animals stay happy and healthy this holiday season!    


Sophia & Hope

We were so honored to learn that Sophia & Hope held a lemonade stand and donated all the proceeds to WHS! One our kittens was so excited, she wanted to say thank you personally!    


Walden School

A huge round-of-a-paws to the students and staff from Walden III School in Racine!  Led by the student government, they raised over $1,020 and countless boxes of food, treats, collars and blankets for the Racine Campus. At a recent school assembly, two of the school’s therapy dogs, Reggie and Ruskin, presented us with the donation. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity, Walden School!     


The Nurturing Nook

Special thanks to  The Nurturing Nook who collected donations for animals at our Milwaukee Campus. Round -of-a-paws to all of you!


Stormonth Elementary School

A BIG thank you to Mrs. Vater and the students at Stormonth Elementary School! As the students arrived for their visit to the Ozaukee Campus, they brought three large decorated boxes brimming with items like treats, toys, peanut butter and more! The animals were eager to play with their new toys and all the staff are grateful for your generosity. Awesome work! 



Happy Birthday, Lizzie! Thank you for bringing in bags filled with donations for the animals to enjoy! We hope you had a special day and thanks for sharing your generosity. 


Ms. Dich's 5th Graders

Ms. Dich’s 5th grade class at St. Joseph Parish School arrived for their classroom program with all sorts of goodies! From peanut butter, to treats, to toys, and more, these items were put to immediate use for all the animals to enjoy. Thank you to all the parents, teachers and students who worked together to support animals in need! Keep up the great work!



All the animals would like to thank Aubree, who collected donations for WHS on her birthday. We are incredibly grateful for this amazing gift and had a blast when you came to visit!



Kendall attended Camp Critter this past summer and loved making dog treat jars so much that she continued to make them and donate all of her sales  to animals here at our Ozaukee Campus. Thank you, Kendall for your kind actions and thoughtfulness! The pups and staff are so grateful that you thought of them! 



Evey decided to collect donations for her birthday instead of receiving gifts. We are incredibly lucky to have you as a friend, Evey! Sombraro was so excited, he wanted to personally thank her!



Thank you for bringing in your family to help carry all of the generous donations in lieu of receiving birthday gifts. Your kindness and compassion for animals at such a young age is great to see! Thank you!



Happy Birthday to Lindsey! She generously collected wishlist items for the animals at WHS, instead of gifts for herself. On behalf of all the animals at WHS, thank you Lindsey!


Divine Savior

A big thanks to parents, teachers and students at Divine Savior Catholic School in Fredonia for donating items like fleece and treats for the dogs and cats at Ozaukee.  Keep up the great work and thank you for your generosity!



Bella surprised us again by collecting donations for her birthday. This is the second year in a row that she's shown such generousity! Bella collected money and lots of wishlist items, which will really help all the animals during their stay at the Milwaukee Campus. Thanks Bella!  


Mrs. Beard's 5th Grade class at Gifford Elementary in Mt. Pleasant

Her can recently held a donation drive for the animals at the Racine Campus and collected lots of items! Their donation will help all the animals feel more comfortable during their stay at the WHS-Racine Campus! Thank you all so much, we a very grateful for your hard work!


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