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Become a Foster

How to Become a Foster Parent

1) Make sure you meet all of the foster guidelines:

To become a foster parent, you must have all of the following:

  • Homeowners or renters insurance
  • Approval from a landlord
  • Health insurance

If you have companion animals of your own at home, all must be:

  • Spayed or neutered.
  • Up to date on their vaccines.
  • Able to be physically separated in your home from the foster animal(s). The length of the isolation period varies based on the needs of the individual foster animal(s).

2) If you meet all of the requirements listed above, you’ll fill out a foster application.

Click here to fill out a foster application.

3) Once your application is accepted, a staff member will follow up with you. They will help you set up the following training requirements

  • Foster Orientation – This mandatory orientation is specific to the logistics and protocol for the foster program.
  • Behavior Seminar – All foster parents must attend a seminar at WHS relating to the specie(s) they intend to foster.

A home visit may also be required.

4) Once all of the above items are complete, you get to sit back, relax, and a WHS staff member will contact you with information regarding your first foster animal!

Foster Parent Application

Click here to apply for the WHS Foster Program.