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White Paws-Working Cat!

White Paws-Working Cat!
  • White Paws-Working Cat!

White Paws-Working Cat!

Available for hire! Working cats (also known as “barn cats”) are deeply under-socialized and typically arrive as strays or outdoor cats. These cats cannot be house pets but thrive in a “working” environment where they can patrol a barn, stable, outbuilding, shed, or even a warehouse. They get to live a fulfilling life with a family who cares for them, and you get a rodent-free property! Generally speaking, cats placed through the Wisconsin Humane Society’s working cat program are independent and prefer to limit their interactions with humans. These cats are typically shy or fearful of people and prefer the company of other animals. However, the degree to which they keep their distance varies from cat to cat and may change over time. Working cats often develop strong bonds with other cats, which is why the Wisconsin Humane Society recommends that at least two cats be placed together.

If you are interested in adopting a pair of working cats to become your own personal rodent control service, please complete a Working Cat Interest form, as well as an Adopter Profile. Thank you!

All About Me!

Location Ozaukee Campus
Breed Domestic Shorthair | Mix
Color Grey | Black
Age 5 years
Sex Male
Neutered Yes
Declawed No
Weight 9 pounds
Guest Number 55614843
Adoption Price Name Your Own Fee