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Bird Collision Monitor

Bird Collision Monitors are volunteers who patrol areas of downtown Milwaukee in the early morning hours during periods of peak migration to collect and rescue injured or dead songbirds.

Injured birds are transported to the Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for care and deceased birds are collected for identification. Data collected from monitoring helps us understand the window collision problem in Milwaukee.

Sign up to become a Bird Collision Monitor. 

Get Involved

All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and one morning a week to spare for this effort.

 Prospective monitors will attend one informative training session and must be willing to collect dead birds and try and save injured or suffering birds. You may want to ask a friend to accompany you; it's a good way to get some exercise and watch the sunrise in our lovely city.

The spring patrolling season runs from May 1 through May 31. The fall patrolling season runs from September 1 through October 31.