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Dispose of Litter

Wild animals can be seriously injured or even killed by litter!

Plastic six-pack rings and the plastic rings from milk jugs can cause entanglement and strangulation. These items should be cut apart with scissors before they are thrown away.

Yogurt containers can get stuck on an animal’s head when he tries to lick out the container. These containers should be rinsed out and then cut in half lengthwise or else crushed flat before they are discarded.

Motor oil fouls birds' feathers and mammals' fur, destroying waterproofing and insulating properties, leaving animals to die of exposure. Waste oil should not be dumped into the environment. Instead, take it to a recycling center for processing. Also, do not leave waste oil sitting around in open-topped pans. Wild birds and small mammals often mistake the oil for water and become terribly coated with it when they try to bathe in it or fall in.