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Capping Your Chimney

Many wild animals look at homes for potential nesting places in spring and warm dens in winter.

Birds and squirrels that get in chimneys require expert removal. Raccoons can come and go at will and often attempt to nest in chimneys. This behavior may not only make the raccoons undesirable tenants, but chimneys are unsafe for raccoons, too.

Capping your chimney will prevent animals like raccoons from creating a den in your chimney. Depending on your home improvement skills, you can install a chimney cap yourself. Measure the diameter of the chimney pipe on the roof and contact Wally’s Workbench in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Shelter to find out which cap to order. 

Wally’s Workbench sells high-quality, affordable stainless-steel chimney caps that fit most square or rectangular chimney pipes. The proceeds from the sale of Wally’s Workbench products go to fund life-saving wildlife services here at the WHS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. You can view and purchase Wally’s products at Animal Antics online or email our wildlife experts with questions.

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