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Virtual Rehoming

This is a free listing for an animal in the community who is in need of a new home. This animal is not available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society, but is being re-homed by members of the community. For more information, you can contact the animal's current guardian using the contact information below. Thank you!



Age: 3 ish
Species: dog
Gender: Female
Breed: Mastiff mix
Animal Weight: 80
Animal Color: Silver brindle
Rehoming Fee: Price flexible to the right home
My two favorite things about Luna : Her sweet eyes and snuggles.
Contact Info:

Current Location: Milwaukee, wi
Is Luna spayed or neutered? yes
Is Luna up to date on vaccinations? yes
Why the animal is being rehomed: Luna was rescued in May 2017 for a horrible environment in which she was very badly abused the first year of her life. I have worked hard with her to make her feel loved and comfortable. She went from timid and scared of EVERYTHING to being moderately regulated and able to go to the dog park daily. In the last 6 months she has become increasingly aggressive with my roommate and my landlords children. We have tried behavioral tips and tricks but I just don't think I can meet her needs any longer. Looking for the right fit and will home her until that is found.
What are your two favorite things about Luna ? Her sweet eyes and snuggles.
How long have you had Luna ? May 2017. She was rescued at roughly one year old.
Where did you get Luna ? A friend found her in the basement of a home she was doing a home visit on. She wasn't able to take her because of housing restrictions and I was and had the space and knowledge of the breed to work with her.
Has Luna ever bitten someone? No
What, if any, medical or behavioral concerns does Luna have? Behavioral concerns- Aggressive barking close to the person and nipping repeatedly. She was good with dogs but has shown aggression towards other dogs recently and so I have limited dog park interactions.
Has Luna lived with other animals? Yes
If yes to the above, which animals has Luna lived with? In the past prior prior to rescue.
Has Luna actively fought with other animals in the home? No
Does/did Luna hide from other animals in the home? No
How does Luna interact with animals outside of the home? Barks through the fence. We used to go to the dog park daily until she started showing aggression and now I have not taken her but we have a large fenced in yard and she gets plenty of exercise just not interactions with other dogs.
Are you requiring that Luna not go into a family with certain types of pets? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain which types of pets you are restricting: Probably not other dogs or cats just until her behavior is assessed.
Has Luna lived with any children under 18? No
Does/did Luna hide or avoid children in the home? No
Does/did Luna display any forms of aggression toward children in the home? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: The downstairs landlord has children and they engage in the yard occasionally. Recently behavior has escalated and knocks the little one down.
Are you requiring that Luna not go into a family with children under a certain age? Yes
If yes to the above, please list your restrictions: At least until behavior can be assessed.
Does Luna have any fears? She was traumatized in her a puppy time and initially was scared of everything! Now I would say any loud and sudden noises, men with hats and plastic bags.
Luna 's overall activity level: Very active/high energy
How does Luna usually get exercise? Playing in fenced-in yard, Dog parks,
What should the next family should know about Luna : Only willing to re-home to the right fit.