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Virtual Rehoming

This is a free listing for an animal in the community who is in need of a new home. This animal is not available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society, but is being re-homed by members of the community. For more information, you can contact the animal's current guardian using the contact information below. Thank you!



Age: Approx 2yrs
Species: other
Gender: Male
Breed: Short hair guinea pig
Animal Weight: Unknown
Animal Color: Tan, white, brown
Rehoming Fee: $50
My two favorite things about Peanut : Peanut loves to cuddle and he loves getting the top of his head petted.
Contact Info:

Current Location: West Allis, WI
Is Peanut spayed or neutered? no
Is Peanut up to date on vaccinations? Not Sure
Why the animal is being rehomed: We down sized to a smaller place, there is not enough space for 2 cages. We have been trying to rehome them, but some friends of our's said their landlord said no. So, we have tried Craigslist for the last 2.5 months and some lady that we were not comfortable with giving them to, has been harassing us and has been deleting every ad we attempt, to try and find them the right home. So, now we are trying here. Our goal is to find them the best home possible, not to just give them to who ever say's "me", first.
What are your two favorite things about Peanut ? Peanut loves to cuddle and he loves getting the top of his head petted.
How long have you had Peanut ? We have had Peanut since April of 2017 (he was 3 months).
Where did you get Peanut ? We got Peanut at Petsmart
Has Peanut ever bitten someone? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: Peanut does not get along with our other male guinea pig (Squirtle). My friends were each holding one, and I took both of them to put them in back in their cages (without thinking)... well, they saw eachother and started fighting. Peanut bit me when I was trying to seperate them. He did not ever bite me intentionally, as soon as my friend took Squirtle and Peanut saw my friend had him, Peanut let go immediately. Peanut felt bad an I know that because he was depressed for a week after that. I had to keep reassuring him I was ok, anytime I held him that week he didn't look at me, but he did cuddle closer to my neck and give little kisses. So, he is a good boy.
What, if any, medical or behavioral concerns does Peanut have? Peanut is very territorial so he potties alot. Usually not on people though. He does have sensitivity by his back hips and does not like being petted there.
Has Peanut lived with other animals? Yes
If yes to the above, which animals has Peanut lived with? Other male guinea pigs, short hair. The first one was older, he tried to hurt Peanut, so we gave him back to Petsmart. The other one (Squirtle), they got along fine until we tried to put them in a bigger cage, they have not gotten along since.
Has Peanut actively fought with other animals in the home? No
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: Peanut and Squirtle are both Alfa males. They fought over territory, so we had to keep them apart and living in seperate cages.
Does/did Peanut hide from other animals in the home? No
How does Peanut interact with animals outside of the home? Peanut hasn't really been around any other animals besides Squirtle.
Are you requiring that Peanut not go into a family with certain types of pets? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain which types of pets you are restricting: He cannot be in a home with reptiles or that has more than one other guinea pig. I do not think dogs would be a problem, but since Peanut is very mellow, I would not recommend a home with hyper animals.
Has Peanut lived with any children under 18? Yes
Peanut has lived with children of these ages: He is good with kids, but does not feel comfortable and is afraid of being held by young kids (while they are standing). He is absolutely fine with anyone sitting down with him.
Does/did Peanut hide or avoid children in the home? No
Does/did Peanut display any forms of aggression toward children in the home? No
Are you requiring that Peanut not go into a family with children under a certain age? No
Does Peanut have any fears? He does not like being held by kid's unless they are older, or sitting down. He seems afraid of heights.
Peanut 's overall activity level: Sedentary/low energy
What should the next family should know about Peanut : Peanut likes to play the standoffish attitude when he wants to be held the most. He loves getting to play in the grass when it is warm out, and he loves to cuddle up to your neck. He is content to let you pet him for long intervals and likes to occasionally go on adventures (snooping through laundry and investigating new places). He doesn't chew clothes, but loves to chew "shiny " objects, particularly necklaces. Peanut loves his house (igloo), so if you dont take it out every morning he will stay in it all day. He also loves bells and making them ring. *Peanut has always had a high fiber guinea pig food with Thomas hay in it, he also likes carrots, cilantro and romain hearts (his 2 favorites), celery and broccoli. He drinks alot of water, so check it at least 2 times a day.