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Virtual Rehoming

This is a free listing for an animal in the community who is in need of a new home. This animal is not available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society, but is being re-homed by members of the community. For more information, you can contact the animal's current guardian using the contact information below. Thank you!



Age: 10
Species: cat
Gender: Male
Breed: Orange Tabby
Animal Weight: 12lbs
Animal Color: Orange/White
Rehoming Fee: 0
My two favorite things about NJ: He can "headbutt" and his night time cuddles.
Contact Info:

Current Location: Jackson, WI
Is NJ spayed or neutered? yes
Is NJ up to date on vaccinations? Not Sure
Why the animal is being rehomed: Looking for a loving forever home for our much loved cat. He's front paw declawed and neutered. He's and indoor only kitty!!!! He's been with the family his whole life and is 10 years old. Was recently into vet for a check up and is healthy however, we learned that he has seasoned allergies and takes a small tablet of steroids daily to help keep his summer allergies at bay. Sadly needing to re home due to learning the family allergies are a cat allergy :( He's good with kids and likes the cuddle. Especially at night. Shy at first but then very loving. Needs to be in a calm/mellow home that is kept cool!!! He is an indoor cat only! He will come with his litter box, toys and food. We dont want to go to the humanes society if we can avoid it. Please message me if interested in our family kitty. Thank you!
What are your two favorite things about NJ? He can "headbutt" and his night time cuddles.
How long have you had NJ? 10 years
Where did you get NJ? He was abandoned.
Has NJ ever bitten someone? No
What, if any, medical or behavioral concerns does NJ have? He has seasoned allergies.
Has NJ lived with other animals? Yes
If yes to the above, which animals has NJ lived with? Has lived with female cats in the past. Been awhile though.
Has NJ actively fought with other animals in the home? No
Does/did NJ hide from other animals in the home? No
How does NJ interact with animals outside of the home? Does Not got outside.
Are you requiring that NJ not go into a family with certain types of pets? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain which types of pets you are restricting: No dogs.
Has NJ lived with any children under 18? Yes
NJ has lived with children of these ages: from 0-up. But isnt a fan of hard play.
Does/did NJ hide or avoid children in the home? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: Only if he wants to be alone or wants to stop being played with.
Does/did NJ display any forms of aggression toward children in the home? No
Are you requiring that NJ not go into a family with children under a certain age? No
Does NJ have any fears? Kitty toys, laser light.
NJ's overall activity level: Moderately active
How does NJ usually get exercise? Playing indoors, Other,
What should the next family should know about NJ: He is very shy at first and will hide. As soon as he gets used to things he will come out. If people other than immediate family are present, he will stay in hiding until they either leave or are asleep.