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June 2004 - October 2012

On a warm summer day in 2004, I was sitting in my very first apartment, reading a newspaper during the summer break following my freshman year in college.  I was twenty years old at the time, and I still had not taken the trouble to obtain a drivers’ license.

Imagine my delight when I saw an advertisement—kittens, free delivery!  I promptly dialed the number and withdrew $100 from the nearest ATM (which I probably—no, definitely—could not afford).

A short while later, a man, his two children, and a truckload of sickly kittens pulled up in front of my building.  I picked your friend, Chloe first (since she was very sick, as evidenced the green oozing out of her eye).  Since the kitten delivery person was selling these ill kittens for the bargain price of $50.00 each, how could I resist taking a second? I asked the man to pick out any female kitten, and—lucky me-- he picked you.

In the eight years that followed, you were my constant companion.  You were there when my mother died; when I took a year off college; when I moved to Madison; when I graduated from college; when I moved to Racine; when I (finally) obtained my drivers’ license; when I got married; when I moved to Milwaukee; and when I finished graduate school and began working.  Thank you for being with me through both the hard and the wonderful times.

Everyone who met you remarked that you were the nicest, sweetest cat that they ever met. It 

was true.  Even though you constantly meowed, your lovability made any accompanying irritation seem trivial.  You were a great connoisseur of wet cat food and loved to play and snuggle.

I am so sorry that your time with us was so short.  But I feel very lucky that I got to know you and be your friend.

I know your adoptive Dad loves you (almost) as much as I do.  - Constantine-Schommer Family


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