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March Match

Donations matched through March 31!

Thanks to some special WHS friends and Trinks Inc., every dollar you give to the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is being matched right now! All you have to do is make your donation before March 31 and it will have double the impact on animals in need.

Right now, our shelter is striving to care for many sick and injured cats and dogs, like Vincenzo.  When 7-year-old Vincenzo arrived at WHS, our veterinary team knew that he would need treatment for a skin condition and they suspected he may have some side effects from losing his left leg to a past injury. But there was no way to expect what they’d discover in the coming days...

When our vets performed X-rays to get a closer look at what remained of his left leg, they were shocked to discover a tangled mess in his stomach. Exploratory surgery revealed the curious pup had somehow ingested a large jumble of plastic-coated wire, which was swiftly removed from the poor guy’s belly.

Miraculously, the wire hadn’t done much internal damage, but he would still end up needing nearly three months of recovery in foster care. After closely monitoring his condition and ensuring he wouldn’t need further surgery, Vincenzo was cleared for adoption. He wouldn’t have to look far to find a guardian to love; he was adopted by his foster family who had fallen head over heels during his stay with them! 

Every day, we care for hundreds of animals like Vincenzo. Over the course of a year, thousands of animals in desperate need of help come through our doors. They require varying degrees of treatment, from simple vaccinations to life-saving surgery and extended periods of therapy. As animals heal and await adoption, we’ll meet whatever other needs they have, too. But as you can imagine, the expenses really add up! We're hoping that you'll consider making a donation to offset our medical costs for animals like Vincenzo. 

Any gift you give by March 31 will automatically double in value - and impact - for animals in need.  Thank you so much! 

Volunteers Needed

We are currently in high need of foster parents to care for either dogs or cats ranging in age and condition.  All you need is a little extra room in your home and heart!

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