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Giving Tuesday 2017

Thanks to a group of WHS friends, donations are being matched today, up to $5,000!

When we first met Sally late one night, we were worried. She cowered on the floor of her kennel, drooling profusely and avoiding eye contact with our staff. She had an IV port in her front leg, but we had no explanation why. All we knew is that she was terrified, quite skinny, and needed us now more than ever. In a crate next to her sat Sally's four tiny puppies, no larger than the palm of your hand. At just 2 weeks old, they were incredibly fragile and would need round the clock care from mom and close monitoring from our team. Sally had already been through so much that evening, so we nestled the whole family in a warm, cozy bed and tucked them in for the night.

By the next morning, Sally was already starting to come out of her shell. She would approach staff members with a wagging tail, grateful for the food and affection they provided. Each puppy received a thorough exam from our veterinary team and they were nice and plump; Mom was doing such a good job of caring for her babies, even when she wasn't feeling well herself. After a week of care under the watchful eye of our vets, Sally and her puppies were sent to a foster home to keep them as healthy as possible during this critical stage in their lives.

As you can imagine, their foster family was enamored and truly adored Sally and the pups. They had their own room to recover in, with multiple beds, plenty of toys, and lots of tasty food. As the puppies grew older and began to walk on their own, the children in the home provided daily exercise and enrichment as they explored together and played hide-and-seek. Meanwhile, Sally was learning how great it felt to be loved. Perky, outgoing, and affectionate, Sally was like a whole new dog. 

Sally's story is a reminder of the more than 35,000 animals who receive lifesaving care each year at the Wisconsin Humane Society. It's no exaggeration when we say we simply couldn't do this without you. WHS receives no general government and is not part of any national groups like HSUS, ASPCA, or PETA. We run on donations from generous people like you and we would be so grateful if you'd consider making a gift today. In honor of Giving Tuesday, all donations made today will be automatically matched up to $5,000, thanks to a generous group of WHS friends! Click here to make a donation or contact the Development Department at 414-431-6270. On behalf of Sally and her puppies, thank you so much for doubling your impact and saving twice as many lives today!

Note: Sally and the pups are still in foster care, but are expected to be cleared for adoption in the coming weeks. If you are interested in adopting a member of this courageous little family, be sure to watch for them on our website at Adoptions are first-come, first-served as long as it's a good fit, and we cannot accept any holds. If you see them on the Adopt page, we recommend coming to the Milwaukee Campus as soon as possible; we imagine there will be lots of folks interested in giving one of these sweethearts a loving home!

  • Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hundreds of avian window collision victims are admitted to our Wildlife Rehab Center each year, but you can help! Learn more about the WIngs program here.