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Everyone loves the oldies

About the marketing campaign

We are so excited to open Milwaukee's very first high-volume, low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter clinic. To raise awareness of the new clinic, we worked with several talented friends of WHS to design a marketing campaign that would make people smile. We focused on what we know: people love their animals and want what is best for them. And according to research, spayed or neutered animals live longer than their unsterilized counterparts. People want their animals to have a long and happy life. 

We are so thankful for the creative efforts of Darlene Stimac, Chelsea Atwell, Nick Collura (the fabulous photography), Mark Goldstein, Matt McNulty and Anthony Giacomino, all who donated their valuable time and energy to this project. 

Bus transit advertisements

Layla and Bennett, The Grothey Family

Porkchop, Brent Jensen & Kelsey Lexow

Basket, Caitlin Christman and Family

Bella, The Krupski Family

Basket, Caitlin Christman and Family



Click on flyers for a printable pdf version. 

Layla and Bennett, The Grothey Family

Bella, The Krupski Family


Click here for a printable pdf version of brochure. 

Thanks to these featured animals and their humans:
Bella, Tami Krupski
Porkchop, Brent Jensen and Kelsey Lexow
Odin, Brittany Box & Sam Kohnke
Mobi, Sheila Wordell

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Today you have the opportunity to make your gift go twice as far to help animals in Wisconsin.  All donations will be matched, doubling your impact!