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Seminars & Support

Offered the Milwaukee & Ozaukee Campuses

The Wisconsin Humane Society's educational programs strengthen the bond between people and animals through an understanding of animal behavior and proper care. This includes behavior seminars on everything from grief counseling to cat behavior and more. Our staff offers a wealth of knowledge to adopters, teachers and other school professionals as well as individuals and organizations within the community who have questions about animals.

The WHS mission is to create a community that values animals and treats them with respect and kindness. Education is a stepping stone in accomplishing this important mission.

If you're outside the Milwaukee or Ozaukee area, please contact us at or 414-431-6173 so we can direct you to a qualified professional in your community.


Dog Seminars & Classes

If you've had questions about canine body language, how to correct unwanted behaviors, how to best communicate with your pup, or any other canine conundrums, this is your chance to get answers from the experts! View

Cat Seminars

In an effort to strengthen the bond and communication between people and their cats, the Wisconsin Humane Society offers seminars to the public at our Milwaukee and Ozaukee Campuses! View

Pet Loss Discussion Groups

If you have lost a beloved pet and are having trouble coping, we invite you to join us for a Pet Loss Discussion Group. View