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Dog training classes

Bring your puppy or dog to the Wisconsin Humane Society for our fun and engaging training classes!

All of our classes use reward-based training techniques and we will teach you how you can use a clicker for training. Current vaccinations, including combination Distemper vaccination, protection from kennel cough (Bordetella), and Rabies, if your dog is older than four months, are required for all classes.

Guardians must be at least 18 years old and due to the interactive nature of the classes, children under the age of 8 are NOT allowed to attend. Class size is limited, so view the calendar and sign up today!

Available dog training classes


Shy Dog Class | For dogs 5 months and older
Class Length: 6 Weeks 
Class Fee: Adopted $130  |  Not Adopted $150

These classes are designed for dogs that are fearful or shy of people, other dogs, objects, noises, etc. We will focus on desensitizing and counter conditioning techniques. We will also teach basic training cues that help your dog to build confidence and make you proud. Dogs come on the first night!

Puppy ABC's (Appropriate Behavior Class) | For dogs less than 5 months
Class Length: 6 Weeks
Class Fee: Adopted $130 | Not Adopted $150

These classes are designed to provide essential socialization with people, other puppies and new places. We discuss normal puppy behavior such as mouthing, chewing and house training and introduce your puppy to important cues like sit, come and down. Puppies DO NOT come on the first night!

Dog Manners Class | For dogs 5 months and older 
Class Length: 6 Weeks 
Class Fee: Adopted $130 | Not Adopted $150

We will introduce you to the way dogs think and learn. We will focus on basic cues like sit, down, stay, off, drop-it, walking on a loose leash, plus much more. We will discuss common behavior challenges and provide management and training solutions. Please, no dogs the first night of class, humans only!

To sign up for a class, view the calendar here

Payments for all classes must be made in advance and are non-refundable. For more information, call 414-431-6107. WHS also offers behavior consultations for those problems that cannot be addressed in a group class. For more information, click here.

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